Specifications for Singer/Friden EC-1113

Manufacturer: The Singer Company, Friden Division
Model Number: EC-1113
Introduced: February, 1969
Serial Number: 16859
Date of Manufacture: Mid-1969
Manufactured In: Japan (By Hitachi for Singer/Friden)
Same machine marketed by Hitachi as the ELCA-22
Original Price: $895
Weight: 12 Pounds
Size: 11" Wide, 14" Deep, 5" High (Approximate)
Power Requirement: 15 Watts, 115VAC, 50/60Hz
Display Technology: 12 Nixie Tubes, Hitachi CD-71(early production) or CD-79
Logic Technology: 108 Small-Scale PMOS IC's, Hitachi HD7xx-Series
HD701: Dual 8-Bit Dynamic Shift Register (9)
HD703: Quad Inverters (17)
HD704: Dual 4-Input AND Gates (9)
HD705: Dual JK Flip Flops (20)
HD707: Quad D-Type Flip Flops (5)
HD712: Dual 2-Input AND Gates & Single 3-Input AND Gate (48)
Digits of Capacity: 12 digits
Decimal Modes: Full Floating Decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: None
Memories: One Accumulating Memory Register
Sum of Products/Quotients Mode
Performance: Clock Frequency: 42KHz
Addition/Subtraction: 40ms
Multiplication: 73ms
Division: 80ms

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