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Dero Research and Development "Sage 1" Desktop Calculator

Little is known about Dero Research & Development, the company that developed the Sage 1 electronic calculator. It is known that Dero did design and manufacture very high quality military radio equipment. Dero branched out with their own electronic calculator, the Sage 1, which appears to have been introduced in October of 1965. This machine was the one and only calculator produced by Dero Research and Development. The machine had a 10-digit seven-segment display, with 20-digit double-precision capacity. The machine had no provision for calculations involving decimal points. There is nothing known about the electronics of this machine. For the time, it seems too small to contain enough electronics even given its limited functionality. It is possible the unit may have been connected to an external electronics package, similar to Wang calcualtors, but this is just supposition.
Dero Sage 1 Specifications

Manufacturer: Dero Research and Development Corp.
Model Number: Sage 1
Manufactured In: Huntington, New York, USA
Date of Introduction: October, 1965
Price: $995 (at introduction)
Display Technology: 7-Segment, 7/8th-inch tall by 5/8th-inch wide digits w/lead zero suppression
Logic Technology: Signetics Small-Scale Integrated Circuits
Digits of Capacity: 10, with 20 digit double-precision operation
Decimal Modes: Not supported
Math Functions: Four Function with product accumulation key
Memories: One store/recall memory register
Constant: One constant register
Performance: Addition/Subtraction: 8ms; Multiplication/Division: 25ms
Size: 12 1/4" wide, 12 13/16" deep, 6 3/8" high
Weight: 12 pounds