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This marketing brochure is likely the first piece of collateral material generated by Wang Laboratories to market the 700-Series calculator. It is dated March of 1969, just three months after Wang announced the Wang 700. The announcement of the 700 was quite premature, as, at the time of announcement, only prototype units were in existence, and these prototypes required a large cabinet of electronics to go along with the mostly empty calculator cabinet. This brochure shows the first self-contained prototype of the Wang 700, utilizing a much different cassette tape drive than ended up in the production units, as well as a different control panel layout.
Note: Due to scanning limitations, two pages (which would make up Page 5 and 6) of this document which formed a 'centerfold' were unable to be scanned properly. These two pages have a large overhead view of the keyboard, pointing out the various features of the machine, including the "Unique Display", "Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, and Special Functions", "Keyboard Operations", "Core Memory", "Tape Cassette", "Powerful Programs", and "Simple 10-Key Calculator".
Front Cover of Very Early Wang 700-Series Advertising Brochure, March, 1969

Document Courtesy William Needler