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Wang Laboratories LOCI-2 Reference Manual

This document is a general reference manual for the Wang Laboratories LOCI-2 electronic calculator.

The LOCI-2 was introduced in January of 1965, but this manual was published in the late part of 1966. Dates on the pages bounce around quite a lot, with some pages dated as early as the introduction (January, 1965); as well as April, 1965; May, 1965; July, 1965; September, 1965; and October, 1966, with a copyright date of December, 1966.

The LOCI-2 was Wang Laboratories' second electronic calculator, with the original LOCI-1, which had lower-precision math operations, fewer memory registers, and lacked the punched-card programmability of the LOCI-2.

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Wang Laboratories LOCI-2 Reference Manual
December, 1966

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