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Olivetti Programma 101 General Reference Manaul

Front cover of Olivetti Programma 101 General Reference Manaul
Click on cover to see a complete scan of the manual.
Manual scan courtesy of Dave Dunfield.

The Olivetti Programma 101, introduced in late '65, was a watershed machine, being the first highly-successful, stored-program desktop programmable calculator. Earlier machines such as the Mathatronics Mathatron easily beat the Programma 101 to the marketplace, but the 101's ease of use, beautiful industrial design, built-in magnetic card writer/reader, and high-speed printer, made the machine a market beater, grabbing the vast majority of market share in its class until the introduction of the HP-9100A in 1968. See the Old Calculator Web Museum exhibit on the Olivetti Programma 101 for more information.