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The Old Calculator Physical Museum
Last Updated 7/15/2005

This page of the Old Calculator Web Museum is devoted to documenting the physical museum that is now associated with the Old Calculator Web Museum. For now, this page provides a photo gallery of pictures of the on-going development of the physical museum. You can scan through the thumbnail photos at the top of the page. When you click on a thumbnail picture, the photo will be shown in a larger format below. Below the picture is a caption and comments. Depending on your screen resolution and browser, you may have to scroll down to see the caption and commentary. Currently work is in progress to develop a document which explains the creation of the physical museum, and how it came to be, which will also be posted here in this section when it is ready. For now, enjoy the virtual tour of "The Old Calculator Museum".


Reception & Administration

This area is wherre I have the general "office" for the Old Calculator Museum set up. The desk has lots of work space for spreading out documentation or paperwork. A basic PC provides access to the whatever is needed within the infrastructure. A Wang C-52 calculator, currently being written up for an exhibit, sits to the right side of the desk. Cabinets and drawers hold files, backup tapes, and office supplies.