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Specifications for Friden STW-10

Manufacturer: Friden Calculating Machine Co.
Model Number: STW-10
Serial Number: 619876
Date of Manufacture: 1959
Manufactured In: San Leandro, California
Original Price: Unknown
Weight: Approx. 42 Pounds
Size: 14" Wide, 14" Deep, 8 1/2" High
Power Requirement: 100 Watts, 110 AC/DC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Mechanical. Horizontally rotating number wheels
Logic Technology: Electro-Mechanical
Digits of Capacity: 20 for Accumulator, 11 for Counter Register
Decimal Modes: Fixed. Semi-Automatic for results, manual on input
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic for addition/subtraction
Separate multiplier entry keyboard & register for multiplication
"Enter Dividend" key and dual Divide function kkeys
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Mechanical main keyboard lock for addition/subtraction
Multiplier register can be retained for constant multiplication
Memories: None
Notes: The Model STW-8 is identical but with reduced capacity
(16 digit accumulator, 9 digit counter register)

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Video: "Friden STW-10 In Operation [4.4 M]

Documentation: Front Cover of Operating Instructions [32K]

Web Reference: Frank Rauck's "Fridenites" Web Site

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