Specifications for Bohn Omnitrex 8

Manufacturer: Eiko Business Machine Co., Ltd. for Bohn Duplicator Co.
Model Number: Omnitrex 8
Serial Number: 10705863
Date of Manufacture: Early 1970
Manufactured In: Japan
Original Price: $395
Weight: 7 Pounds
Size: 11 1/2" Deep, 8 1/2" Wide, 4" High
Power Requirement: 14 Watts, 120VAC 50/60Hz
Display Technology: Eight 10-Segment, Right Hand Decimal Point Vacuum Fluorescent Tubes
Leading zero suppression
Logic Technology: 88 Mitsubishi M59xx DTL Small Scale Integrated Circuits
Mitsubishi-made 6x4x4 Core Memory Array
Digits of Capacity: 8, w/16 digit double-presision capability (see exhibit)
Decimal Modes: No Decimal Point Entry or Display
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic for addition/subtraction
Algebraic for multiplication/division
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Constant retained on all four functions
Memories: None
Notes: Designed and Manufactured entirely by Eiko for Bohn.
Also marketed as the Deltek IC 8 and Unitrex IC 8.

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