Specifications for Sharp Compet 363P (CS-363P)

Manufacturer: Sharp Corporation
Model Number: Compet 363P (CS-363P)
Serial Number: 27024302
Date of Manufacture: February, 1972
Manufactured In: Japan
Original Price: $1,495
Weight: 17 Pounds
Size: 12" Wide, 16" Deep, 6" High
Power Requirement: 30 Watts, 120V AC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tube with a few special Gas Discharge tubes
16 Nixie Tubes, 3 custom gas-discharge tubes
Logic Technology: Rockwell LSI, 6 Chip Set: 10062, 10063, 10064, 10065, 10066, 10328
NEC uPD1xx and uPD3xx PMOS Small & Medium Scale Logic
Digits of Capacity: 16
Decimal Modes: Selectable Floating or Fixed at 1 to 7 places behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function w/Square Root
Constant: Switch selectable, Multiply/Divide only
Memories: 10 (Register 0 through 9). Status indicators for first 4 locations
Programmable: Learn Mode, 144-Step Volatile Program Memory.
Magnetic Card Reader/Writer for offline program storage
Notes: Nearly identical to the Burroughs C3660

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