Specifications for Sony ICC-2550W

Manufacturer:		Sony
Model Number:		ICC-2550W
Serial Number:		621203
Date of Manufacture:	Early 1970
Manufactured In:	Tokyo, Japan
Original Price:		$1950
Weight:			22 Pounds
Size:			12 1/2" Wide, 17" Deep, 6" High
Power Requirement:	32 Watts, 120VAC
Display Technology:	Nixie Tube (Hitachi CD-81)
			Incandescent status indicators
Logic Technology:	Sony Proprietary Small Scale Integrated Circuits
			6 Plug-in Circuit Boards
			Acoustic Delay Line Storage (memory, working, program)
Digits of Capacity:	15, Leading-zeroes suppressed
			16th non-displayed 'guard' digit
Decimal Modes:		Fixed at keyboard-selectable position
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function and Square Root
Constant:		Automatic
Memories:		9, with store/recall/clear/add/subtract
Programmable:		Yes, 253 steps with direct and indirect branch
			Volatile (programs lost when power removed) program storage
Peripherals:		External printer via built-in printer interface

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