Specifications for Wang 144T

Manufacturer: Wang Laboratories
Model Number: 144T
Serial Number: L 1608
Date of Manufacture: Early 1972
Manufactured In: USA, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Original Price: $1,795 Est.
Weight: 19-1/4 Pounds
Size: 12 1/4" Wide, 17 1/2" Deep, 7 1/4" High
Power Requirement: 45 Watts, 115VAC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tubes, 13 Digit tubes, one +/- sign tube
Logic Technology: TTL & DTL Small-Scale Integrated Circuits
106 IC's on Main Logic board (6095)
1 IC on Keyboard Assembly (6068)
4 IC's on Nixie Display Driver Board (5951)
14 IC's on Option "T" Subroutine Board (5952)
125 IC's in total
1K-bit of RAM, using four 1101A 256x1 Static RAM devices
Diode Microcode ROM (hundreds of diodes)
Digits of Capacity: 12 significant digits plus sign
Decimal Modes: Full floating or fixed at 0, 2, 3, 6 or 9 digits
Special "financial" mode fixed at 2 digits with implied decimal point
Arithmetic Logic: Unusual Arithmetic Architecture - See Exhibit
Math Functions: Four Function (Dual Arithmetic Units);
Square Root, Square, Reciprocal, Absolute Value, Integerize;
ex, Base e Logarithm
Optional "T" (Trig) subroutine board with programs for:
Trig and Inverse Trig Functions (Sin, Cos, ArcSin, ArcTan);
Degree/Radian Conversion;
Multiplication & Division by a Constant;
Constant: Available for Multiplication and Division with optional subroutine ROM
Memories: 12 Four Function Memory Registers
Programmable: Via optional Model 184 Master Punched Card Reader (60 Steps)
Model 185 Slave Punched Card Reader (60 Steps)
Peripherals: Model 184 External Printer

Tech Notes: Wang IC Part Number Listing

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Reading: "Lessons, an Autobiography"
Author: Dr. an Wang with Eugene Linden
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
First Printing: August, 1986
ISBN: 0-201-09400-2

"Riding the Runaway Horse: The Rise and Decline of Wang Laboratories"
Author: Charles C. Kenney
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
First Printing: 1992
ISBN: 0-316-48919-0

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