Specifications for Sony ICC-500W

Manufacturer: Sony
Model Number: ICC-500W
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture: Late 1968
Manufactured In: Japan
Original Price: $1250
Weight: 15 Pounds
Size: 10" Wide, 15" Deep, 5" High
Power Requirement: 10 Watts, 117V AC, 50/60Hz
Jack for External Battery Pack or Auto Adapter
Display Technology: Nixie Tube
Logic Technology: All-Transistor, Hybrid Modules
5 Plug-In Circuit Boards
Magnetostrictive Delay Line Working Register Storage
Digits of Capacity: 14
Decimal Modes: Fixed, 0 to 13 digits behind decimal
Positioned by slide lever under display panel
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: No
Memories: 2, one general, another "Sum-of-Products/Quotients"
Performance: Addition/Subtraction: 15ms
Multiplication: 250ms
Division: 400ms

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