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Cintra/Tektronix Model 909 Desktop Scientific Calculator

This exhibit is dedicated in perpetuity to Dr. Irwin Wunderman (4/24/1931-7/23/2005), the visionary behind the Cintra calculators, and founder of Cintra Corporation.

Updated 1/3/2019

This exhibit is currently undergoing major re-work. It will return when this work has been completed. Thank you for your patience.

Profound thanks to Dr. Irwin Wunderman for providing invaluable information on Cintra's history and calculators.

This page is dedicated to the memory of David Takagishi, an electronics engineer at Cintra, and later Tektronix, involved with the design of the Cintra 909 and 911 calculators, as well as contributing the the development of the Tektronix Model 21 and 31 calculators.

Special thanks to Mr. Robert Krten for providing a copy of the manual for the Tektronix 909 calculator to the museum.
Thank you to Mr. Don Wood for great information on the role of Physics International, and the production and service problems with Cintra's early calculators.
Thanks to Mr. Gary Laroff for providing archive material on early Tektronix calculator products.

Text and images Copyright ©1997-2019, Rick Bensene.