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Casio 001 Desktop Calculator

The Casio 001 is Casio's first attempt at a desktop fully-electronic calculator, introduced in September of 1965. Prior to the 001, Casio's calculators were based on relay technology, and while their relay calculators offered sophisticated capabilities, it was clear that pure electronics were the wave of the future. The Casio 001 offered ten-digit capacity, with Nixie tube display, and a ten-key keyboard. It was built with discrete transistor circuitry, with muliple plug-in circuit boards. The knobs across the front of the calculator could be set to provide a seven digit constant number that could be recalled for repetitive use -- a primitive form of the constant function provided in later calculators. This feature carried over from Casio's earlier relay-based calculators. If you have one of these machines, operational or not, please write to us via the "EMail" link at the top of the page.