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Friden 1152 Board #2

Board #2 in the Friden 1152 contains a total of 28 integrated circuits, of which 7 are 7400-series TTL devices made by Signetics or Texas Instruments, and the remaining being DTL devices made by Texas Instruments or Motorola. The TTL devices consist of six 7474 Dual D-Type Flip Flops; and a single 7473 Dual J-K Flip Flops. The rest of the chips are 12 MC830(Expandable Dual 4-Input NAND Gates), one MC862(Triple 3-Input NAND Gates), two 15836(Hex Inverters w/6K Pull-up Resistors), four 15846(Quad Dual-Input NAND Gates), and one 15862(Triple 3-Input NAND Gates). The board also contains 49 diodes (made by Transitron), eight resistors, and four capacitors.

The bare circuit board has Friden Part #7018017 Revision 1, and the complete board assembly has Part #7018018.

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