Specifications for Hewlett Packard 9810A

Manufacturer:		Hewlett Packard, Calculator Products Division
Model Number:		9810A
Serial Number:		
Date of Manufacture:	Early 1973
Manufactured In:	USA, Loveland, Colorado
Original Price:		$2475 (base)
Weight:			35 Pounds
Size:			19 1/2" Wide, 16" Deep, 7" High
Power Requirement:	120VAC 60Hz
Display Technology:	LED Modules, 3 Line Stack Display
Logic Technology:	4 Board Small Scale/Medium Scale Bipolar Mini Computer-like CPU
			Microprogrammed, LSI ROM Microcode Store
                        LSI Dynamic RAM Working/Program/Register Storage
Digits of Capacity:	10 + 2 Exponent, 2 Non-Displayed Guard Digits
Decimal Modes:		Scientific or Fixed at 0-9 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic:	Reverse Polish Notation, 3-Level Stack
Math Functions:		Four Function, Square Root, Reciprocal, Square.
			Expandable with up to 3 ROM Packs (Math, Statistics)
Constant:		N/A, RPN Logic
Memories:		51 (base), expandable to 111
Programmable:		Learn Mode, 500 Steps, expandable to 2036
			Volatile RAM Program/Storage Register Memory,
			Mag-Card Reader
Peripherals:		Built-in 16-column Thermal Printer
			Optional Printer, Plotters, Digitizers, Cassette Tape

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Documentation: HP 9810A Quick Reference Guide [110K]
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Patents: US Patent Number 3,859,635
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