Specifications for Hewlett Packard 9825A

Manufacturer:		Hewlett Packard, Calculator Products Division
Model Number:		9825A
Serial Number:		
Date of Manufacture:	October, 1979
Manufactured In:	USA, Loveland, Colorado
Original Price:		$5900 in base configuration
Weight:			26 Pounds
Size:			15.1" Wide, 19 1/2" Deep, 5.1" High
Power Requirement:	180 Watts, 120VAC 60Hz (Switch Selectable Mains Voltage)
Display Technology:	5x7 LED Dot-Matrix, 32 Character, Upper/Lower Case
Logic Technology:	16-bit LSI Multi-Chip Module CPU (3 NMOS LSI's on ceramic substrate)
			Removable ROM cartridge for "Operating System"
                        LSI 4Kx1 Dynamic RAM Working/Program/Register Storage
Digits of Capacity:	12 Significant Digits
Decimal Modes:		Full-Floating, Scientific or Fixed
Arithmetic Logic:	Full algebraic, conversational
Math Functions:		Full compliment of scientific functions
Memories:		Program/Variable memory dynamically shared
			Named variables for storing values
Programmable:		HPL Programming Language
			HPL expandable with up to 3 ROM Packs
                        Labeled branches, conditionals, named variables
			6844 Bytes(Standard) Volatile RAM Program/Storage Register Memory
			RAM Expandable to 31,420 Bytes Maximum
Peripherals:		Built-in 16-column 5X7 Dot-Matrix Thermal Line Printer
			Built-in Magnetic Cartridge Tape Drive (250K Bytes)
			Myriad optional peripherals, including:
                         Printer, Plotters, Digitizer, Cassette Tape, Floppy Disc

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