Specifications for Compucorp 120 Scientist

Manufacturer:		Compucorp, a division of Computer Design Corporation
Model Number:		120
Serial Number:		3200506
Date of Manufacture:    Mid 1971
Manufactured In:	USA
Original Price:		$1895
Weight:			12 Pounds
Size:			12 1/2" Wide, 12 1/2" Deep, 6" High
Power Requirement:	35 Watts, 115VAC
Display Technology:	Burroughs Nixie Tubes
			Special +/- Nixie tubes for mantissa and exponent sign
			Discrete Neon Error/Overflow Indicators
Logic Technology:	1st Generation Computer Design Corp. LSI Chipset (HTL)
                         Chip Fabrication by AMI
Digits of Capacity:	10 Mantissa(displayed), 2 Exponent, sign for each
			 Calculations performed to 14 significant digits in mantissa
Decimal Modes:		Full Floating, Normalized Scientific Notation (switch selectable)
Arithmetic Logic:	Algebraic
Math Functions:		Four Function, Square Root, Reciprocal, 10x,
			ex, ax,
			Natural and Base 10 Logarithms, Factorial, Summation functions,
			Standard and Hyperbolic Sine and Cosine (with inverse),
			Integer and fractional extraction,
			Constants e and Pi built in.
Constant:		Yes, Multiply and Divide
Memories:		10 (0-9), with add and exchange functions.
Notes:			Unsual postfix "2nd Function" operation

Tech Notes
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