Specifications for Bohn Contex 10

Manufacturer: Bohn Duplicator Corp.
Model Number: Contex 10
Serial Number: 512714
Date of Manufacture: Late 1950's
Manufactured In: Denmark
Original Price: $125 ($14.95 for optional carrying case)
Weight: 6 Pounds
Size: 10 7/8" Wide, 14" Deep, 4 3/4" High
Power Requirement: "People Power"
Display Technology: Mechanical. Horizontally rotating number wheels
Logic Technology: Mechanical. Rocking segment mechanism.
Digits of Capacity: 11 for Accumulator, 1 for Counter Register
Decimal Modes: None. User keeps track of decimal point
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Automatic Add/Subtract. Human-assisted multiply/divide
Constant: Entry in keyboard can be locked for repeated addition/subtraction
Memories: None
Notes: Cloned by the Soviets under the brand name Bystritsa (See Web-referned below)

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Advertisement: "$125! How good can it be?" [117K]

Web References: Christofer Nöring's Bohn Contex Page
Andrew Davie's Bystritsa Page
"Repairing a Bohn Contex" by Hugh Sparks

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