Specifications for Facit 1111

Manufacturer: Facit-Odhner
Model Number: 1111
Serial Number: 1106922
Date of Manufacture: Early 1972
Manufactured In: Japan (Sharp)
Original Price: $345
Weight: 1 5/8 Pounds
Size: 6 1/2" Deep, 4" Wide, 2 3/4" High
Power Requirement: 3.1 Watts, 120VAC 50/60Hz, External Power Pack, Internal NiCd Rechargeable Batteries
Display Technology: Itron 8-Segment Vacuum-Fluorescent Tubes
Logic Technology: Rockwell LSI, 4 Chip Set
NRD2256, AC2261, DC2266, AU2271
Small Scale Clock Generator and "Glue" Logic IC's
Digits of Capacity: 8
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic for addition/subtraction
Algebraic for multiplication/division
Unique Dual Function Multiply/Divide Key
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: None
Memories: None
Notes: Facit OEM version of Sharp EL-8
Virtually identical machine marketed by Addo-X as model 9364

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