Specifications for Heathkit IC-2008A

Manufacturer:		Heath Company
Model Number:		IC-2008A
Serial Number:		00217
Date of Manufacture:	April, 1972
Manufactured In:	Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA
Original Price:		$129.95 (Kit Form)
Weight:			3 1/2 Pounds
Size:			6" Wide, 10 1/4" Deep, 3 1/2" High
Power Requirement:	6.5 Watts, 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Display Technology:	Sperry Gas-Discharge (SP-733), 3 Modules of 3 Digits Each
			 Left-most digit position for sign/error indication
			 Leading zeroes displayed 'half-height'
Logic Technology:	Early Texas Instruments LSI Single-Chip, TMS 0101
Digits of Capacity:	8 
Decimal Modes:		Full floating, or fixed at 0 through 7 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function
Constant:		Switch selectable, multiply and divide only
Memories:		None
Notes:			Original owner received kit on 4/29/1972
			10 hours spent completing construction.

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Magazine Writeup: Popular Electronics, September, 1972 [172K] Technical Information: Schematic Diagram [155K] Advertisement: "Assemble your own Heath 8-digit desktop calculator" [219K]
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