Specifications for Hewlett Packard HP-01 Watch/Calculator

Manufacturer:		Hewlett Packard, Calculator Products Division
Model Number:		HP-01
Serial Number:		1810A-37529
Date of Manufacture:	March, 1978
Manufactured In:	USA,  Loveland, Colorado
Original Price:		$750
Weight:			6 Ounces
Size:			1.6" Horizontal, 1.8" Vertical, 0.6" Deep
Power Requirement:	3 Type 357 Silver Oxide Button-Cell Batteries, 2 for Operation, 1 for Timekeeping
Display Technology:	LED, 7-Segment, 9 Digits with integral lenses
Logic Technology:	Six Large-Scale Integrated Circuits
Digits of Capacity:	11 digit accuracy, displays seven significant digits, 1.000E-99 to 9.999E+99
Decimal Modes:		Full Floating, w/automatic Scientific Notation for >107 or <10-4
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function with Percent
			Date/Time Calculations (1900-2099 Calendar), Day of Week Calculation
			HH:MM:SS <-> Decimal Hours
			Stop Watch w/Split Storage, Countdown Timer
			Continuous Update Time-based Calculations
			Clock/Calendar w/Alarm
Constant:		Automatic
Memories:		1

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