Specifications for Hewlett Packard 85

Manufacturer:		Hewlett Packard, Calculator Products Division
Model Number:		85
Serial Number:		
IntroductioN:		December, 1979
Date of Manufacture:	1980
Manufactured In:	USA
Original Price:		$3250 (base)
Weight:			21 Pounds
Size:			16" Wide, 18" Deep, 6" High
Power Requirement:	40 Watts, 115VAC
Display Technology:	5" Diagonal CRT, 16 lines by 32 characters
			48 Line scroll buffer
Logic Technology:	LSI Microprocessor, Single Board
                        16K bytes dynamic RAM Program/Working Storage
Digits of Capacity:	12 Significant Digits
Decimal Modes:		Floating, Scientific Notation
Arithmetic Logic:	Full Algebraic w/Precendence, Conversational
Math Functions:		Four Function, Raise to power, Square Root, 
			Logarithms, Trigonometry, User definable functions,
			Random Number Generation.  Expandable with ROM packs.
Constant:		N/A
Memories:		N/A.  Float, Integer, Short Numeric Variables
			String Variables
			Numeric Arrays and Matrices
Programmable:		Yes, Fully-featured BASIC programming language
			Volatile RAM Program/Storage Register Memory
Peripherals:		Built-in 32-column Thermal Printer
			Filesystem-oriented magnetic tape drive
			Optional Printers, Plotters, mass-storage, modem,
			Serial and Parallel interfaces, speech synthesizer

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