Specifications for Miida MC-840

Manufacturer:		Miida
Model Number:		MC840
Serial Number:		
Date of Manufacture:	Early 1972
Manufactured In:	Japan
Original Price:		$119.95
Weight:			3 Pounds
Size:			8 1/2" Wide, 6 1/2" Deep, 2 1/2" High
Power Requirement:	5 Watts 115/240 (internal switch selected) AC, 50/60Hz
Display Technology:	Vacuum Fluorescent Display Panel,  Leading/Trailing Zero Suppression
Logic Technology:	LSI, three IC chipset
			 Omron HD32014, HD32015, HD32016 (Manufactured by Hitachi for Omron)
Digits of Capacity:	8
Decimal Modes:		Floating
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function
Constant:		Multiply and divide only, unusual operation (see text)
Memories:		None
Notes:			Clone of Omron 800

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