Specifications for Olivetti Programma 101

Manufacturer: Olivetti S.p.A.
Model Number: Programma 101
Serial Number:
Introduction: October, 1965
Date of Manufacture:
Manufactured In: Ivrea, Turin, Italy
Original Price: $3,200
Weight: 65 Pounds
Size: 17.9" Wide, 24" Deep, 9.8" High
Power Requirement: Watts, 120VAC 50/60Hz
Display Technology: Serial Impact Drum Printer, 30 Characters/Sec.
22 digit columns, sign, decimal point, and 2 character annotation colums
Logic Technology: Fully transistorized (No Integrated Circuits), Cordwood-modules.
Magnetostrictive delay line for register and program step storage
Digits of Capacity: 22
Decimal Modes: Fixed at 0 through 15 digits behind decimal point
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function w/Automatic Square Root
Constant: No
Memories: 5 Full, 10 split (11 digits). 3 Memory Registrs can be traded off as program step storage
Programmable: Learn Mode, maximum 120 Step Program Memory
Magnetic Card Reader/Writer for Offline Program /Data Storage
16 conditional (answer >0) and 16 unconditional labeled branch operations

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