Specifications for SCM Cogito 240SR

Manufacturer: SCM Corporation (Smith Corona/Marchant)
Model Number: 609991 (Cogito 240SR)
Serial Number: Two Units in Museum
#1: 2178
#2: 1677
Date of Manufacture: 1966
Manufactured In: USA, Oakland, California
Original Price: $1,473 (Mid 1968), Probably >$2,000 at introduction
Weight: 39 Pounds
Size: 19" Deep, 13 1/2" Wide, 10 1/2" High
Power Requirement: 95 Watts, 115VAC 60Hz
Display Technology: CRT Display, 7-Segment Rendition, 4-row/3-register display
Logic Technology: Discrete Transistor
480-bit acoustic delay line register storage
Digits of Capacity: 24 for results, 12 for entry.
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic. Separate X= and ÷= keys to complete multiply and divide
Math Functions: Four Function w/semi-automatic Square Root
Constant: Automatic for Addition and Subtraction
Memories: 3. Surrogate registers for each of three working registers
Notes: SCM's First All-Electronic Calculator
Original design by Stanley Frankel

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