Specifications for SCM Cogito 414

Manufacturer: Smith-Corona Marchant Division of SCM Corp.
Model Number: Cogito 414
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture: Est. Mid-1970 (Introduced April, 1969)
Manufactured In: USA, Oakland, California
Original Price: $895 (at introduction)
Weight: 8 Pounds
Size: 11 1/2" Wide, 10 1/2" Deep, 5" High
Power Requirement: 16 Watts, 115VAC 60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tube, Right Hand Decimal
Incandescent Overflow/Negative Indication
Logic Technology: Custom AMI-manufactured Large Scale ICs (8)
Digits of Capacity: 14, Leading and Trailing Zeroes Dimmed
Decimal Modes: Fixed, Keyboard Selectable 0-9 digits behind decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Unusual accumulator-style addition/subtraction
Capable of summing products/quotients in accumulator (=+ key)
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Constant retained on all four functions
Memories: None

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Advertising: "Marchant. The First." [123K]
"This is the Marchant..." [452K]

Other Information: Introduction Article, NY Times, 24-Apr-69
US Patent 3622768: Dual Key Depression for Decimal Position Selection

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