Specifications for Sharp EL-811

Manufacturer:		Sharp Electronics Corporation
Model Number:		EL-811
Serial Number:		2070023
Date of Manufacture:	March, 1972
Manufactured In:	Osaka, Japan
Original Price:		$379
Weight:		        1.5 Pounds
Size:			4 1/4" Wide, 6 3/4" Deep, 1 3/4" High
Power Requirement:	3.2 Watts, 110VAC (External Power Pack), Rechargeable NiCd
Display Technology:	Itron Vacuum Fluorescent (8 segment)
			 Special 9th tube for memory/sign/constant/display status
Logic Technology:	Rockwell LSI Chipset:  10572, 10573
			 Hitachi HD3123 Display Drivers
			 Hitachi HD3005 Clock Generation
Digits of Capacity:	8 for add/subtract/divide, 16 for multiply
			 Special '<->' key for viewing low 8 digits of large results
Decimal Modes:		Floating
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function
Constant:		Yes, automatic on multiply and divide
			 Constant mode cancelled by pressing "-="
Memories:		1, accumulator-style.  Combined recall/clear key.

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