Specifications for Sharp PC-1001

Manufacturer:		Sharp Electronics Corporation
Model Number:		PC-1001
Serial Number:		37003609
Date of Manufacture:	September, 1973
Manufactured In:	Japan
Original Price:		$575
Weight:			2 1/2 Pounds
Size:			5 1/2" Wide, 8 1/2" Deep, 2 1/2" High
Power Requirement:	120 VAC, 60Hz,  8 Watts
Display Technology:	12 Individual 8-segment Vacuum-Fluorescent Tubes
                         2 specialized VF indicators for sign/memory status
                         Two LED indicators for program status
Logic Technology:	Rockwell PPS-4 Microprocessor & Support Chips
			 10660(PPS-4 CPU), 10432(RAM) 10696(GPIO), A0519(ROM), A0520(ROM)
Digits of Capacity:	10 mantissa, 2 exponent.  Left-to-right entry
			 No trailing zero suppression
Decimal Modes:		Full floating decimal or scientific notation
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Constant:		Automatic on all four functions
Memories:		8, with store/add/recall/clear
Programmable:		Yes, 64 step (overlaps with memory registers)
                         Learn mode programming.  No branch/conditionals.
Notes:			First electronic calculator to use Rockwell PPS-4 microprocessor

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