Specifications for Texas Instruments SR-60/SR-60A

Manufacturer:		Texas Instruments
Model Number:		SR-60A
Serial Number:		0011273
Date of Manufacture:	Early-1977 (Introduction early 1976, discontinued 1979)
Manufactured In:	USA
Original Price:		$1,695 (base SR-60) at introduction, later reduced to $995.
			$1,995 (base SR-60A, Spring '78)
Weight:			16 Pounds
Size:			17" Wide, 14 1/2" Deep, 5 1/2" High
Power Requirement:	120 Volts AC
Display Technology:	20 character 5x7 dot-matrix Alphanumeric Display
Logic Technology:	LSI Microprocessor, Single Board
                        16K bytes (Base SR-60) dynamic RAM Program/Memory Registers/Working
Digits of Capacity:	12 Significant Digits (10 displayed)
			 Scientific Notation with 2-digit exponent (-99 to +99)
Decimal Modes:		Floating or Scientific Notation
Arithmetic Logic:	Full Algebraic with nine level parenthesis nesting
Math Functions:		Large variety of math & science functions
Constant:		Available on all four functions via [x->K] key
Memories:		40 Memory Registers (base SR-60) expandable to 100 via
                         $700 memory expansion module.
Programmable:		Yes, Learn-Mode with program editing features;
                         Conditional and unconditional branching (via labels);
                         10 binary flag registers, indirect addressing;
                         alphanumeric prompting/printing capability;
                         user-definable function keys.
		        Volatile RAM Program/Storage Register Memory
                         with 480 step program storage (base SR-60), expandable
                         to 1920 steps with $700 memory expansion module
Peripherals:		Built-in 20-column 5x7 dot-matrix thermal printer
			Built-in magnetic card reader/writer for offline
                         program/data storage.
Credits:		Sincere thanks to Michael Cochran(5/21/1941-12/2/2018) for donation of his personal SR-60A Serial# 0011273

Patents: US Patent Number 4,107,782 [Prompting Programmable Calculator]

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