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Advertising Archive - Dero Sage 1

Dero Sage 1 Advertisement
June, 1966 Electronics magazine
Sincere thanks to Mr. Takaharu Yoshida for providing the scan of this document

This ad is actually an ad for the semiconductor manufacturer Signetics, but the purpose of the ad is to tout the use of it's small-scale integrated circuit technology in the Dero Research & Development Corp.'s Sage 1 electronic calculator.

The Dero Sage 1, introduced in the late fall of 1965, was unique for the time in that it used small-scale integrated circuits at a time when the vast majority of electronic calculators were still using discrete transistors. The machine was evaluated in Popular Electronics magazine, and also by Friden Calculating Machine Co. in a competitive analysis document. These are the only two known cases of actual hands-on experience with this machine. It appears, but is not known for certain, that this machine may have ended up having very low production and sales.

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