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Friden EC-130/EC-132 Service Letters #1(7/21/1964) through #35(6/3/1968)

These documents are scans of original Friden Service Letters. These letters were used to communicate critical service information to field and depot service personnel. There is a lot of interesting information in these service letters. Most notable is Service Letter #18, dated April 11, 1966, explaining the changeover from the initial "Four Counter" versions of the EC-130 calculator at Serial Number 8501, to the "Three Counter" design. Initially, these documents were entitled "Electronic Calculator 130 Service Letter". At Service Letter #15, dated August 16, 1965, the title was changed to "Electronic Calculator Service Letter", omitting the "130" model designation, because by this time, the Friden EC-132 follow-on to the Friden EC-130 had been introduced, and the service letters were then issued for both calculators. Also note that the modernized Friden logo began being used on Service Letter #33, dated April 25, 1968.

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Friden 130/132 Service Letters, #1 to #35

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