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Friden 1162 Circuit Board 5

Circuit Board #5 in the Friden 1162 is unique to the calculator. Immediately below the board 5 designation on the front left side of the circuit board, "1162" is etched into the board. It contains control logic specific to the 1162, most predominantly relating to the circuitry needed to orchestrate the square root operation. It is somewhat different than Board #5 in the Friden 1160, but there are some similarities shared between the boards, mainly in the discrete component circuitry. Board #5 for the 1162 is not interchangeable with Board #5 from the Friden 1160 or 1166 calculators.

Board #5 has a total of 14 integrated circuits, only two of which are TTL devices (7474 Dual D-Type Positive Edge-Triggered Flip Flops), with the remainder being DTL devices. Along with the IC's, the board contains 27 diodes, 35 resistors, and two capacitors.

The board circuit board carries Friden Part # 7002247 Revision 2, and the complete assembly has Part # 7002246.

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