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Friden 1162 Board #6

The 1162 is the only calculator in the 116x series that uses six circuit boards, the other machines using five. The board contains general sequencing and control circuitry that orchestrates the operation of the math functions. Some of the circuitry is specific to the sequencing for the square root operation, and some of it is similar to the sequencing used on board #4 of the Friden 1160.

Board #6 contains a total of 14 integrated circuits, three of which are 7400-series (7474 Dual D-Type Positive Edge-Triggered Flip Flops) TTL devices, and the remainder being DTL ICs. The board also contains five transistors, 41 diodes, 43 resistors, and 14 capacitors.

The bare circuit board carries Friden Part #7002249 Revision 1, and the complete assembly is identified as Part #7002248.

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