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News Archive - Friden 6010 Computyper Introduction

Friden 6010 Computyper Introduction Article
Electronics Magazine, June, 21, 1963

A brief note about the introduction of the Friden 6010 Computyper business computer system in the June, 21, 1963 edition of Electronics magazine. The 6010 was a small-scale desk-sized computing system with plug-board and tab-rack controlled programming/sequencing, as well as magnetic core memory for storage registers, and an electronic math unit for performing fixed point addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The primary input to the machine was eight-channel punched paper tape or ledger cards, with human input through the keyboard of the included Friden Flexowriter. Output could be typewritten via the Flexowriter, or to punched tape or ledger cards via the Flexowriter's eight-channel tape punch. Later, various peripheral devices were added to the system's options including magnetic tape, and even a removable platter disk drive system. See photo of system with 6018 Removable Disk Drive shown below.