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News Archive - Smith-Corona Marchant & Diehl Agreement

Article announcing marketing agreement by which Diehl (West Germany) will develop and manufacture mechanical calculators for Smith-Corona Marchant (SCM) for sale in North America in the SCM brand. Also included in the agreement is cooperative engineering and production development between the two companies.

This agreement was the beginning of a long term relationship between the two companies which expanded to include Diehl's electronic calculators, which began with the SCM Cogito 566 PR. The 566 PR was an SCM-badged version of Diehl's first electronic calculator, the Combitron, which was designed and developed for Diehl by Stanley Frankel, the same man who designed and developed SCM's first electronic calculator, the SCM Cogito 240SR. calculator.

The New York Times, December 10, 1961