Specifications for Casio fx-1

Manufacturer:		Casio Computer Co., Ltd.
Model Number:		fx-1
Casio Internal ID:	12E
Serial Number:		205543
Introduced:		Feb, 1972
Date of Manufacture:	Late Feb/Early Mar, 1972
Manufactured In:	Japan
Original Price:		$695 (Feb., 1973)
Weight:			5 Pounds
Size:			9 1/2" Wide, 12 1/2" Deep, 3" High
Power Requirement:	18.7 Watts, 117VAC
Display Technology:	Nixie Tubes
Logic Technology:	5 Large Scale Integration devices by NEC
			uPD174, uPD502, uPD503, uPD5020, uPD5030
			Numerous Small Scale DIP devices by Hitachi
Digits of Capacity:	12
Decimal Modes:		Floating or Fixed, Selectable at 0, 2, 3, 4, 6, or 8 digits
Arithmetic Logic:	Arithmetic
Math Functions:		Four Function, sin, cos, tan, arctan, hyperbolic sin,
			hyperbolic cos, degrees/radians coversion, exponential,
			base 10 and natural logarithm, square root, cube root,
			degrees/minutes/seconds to decimal conversion,
			raise number to integer (1-9 only) power.
Constant:		Yes, Multiply and Divide
Memories:		2, one with add/subtract, 1 store/recall only
Special Features:	Round off/Truncate switch-selectable
Notes:			No overflow indication, but locks
			 keyboard and clears display on overflow.
			ROM-based 'programs' for scientific functions
			Cube root can take up to 16 seconds!
			Marketed by Deitzgen as model ESR-1.
			Marketed by Remington as model 1259S.

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