Specifications for Commodore 1121

Manufacturer: Casio, Inc., for Commodore Business Machines
Model Number: 1121
Casio Internal ID: 12D
Serial Number: 100312
Date of Manufacture: Early 1969
Manufactured In: Japan by Casio
Original Price: $795
Weight: 14 Pounds
Size: 12" Wide, 13 1/2" Deep, 5" High
Power Requirement: 23 Watts, 117V AC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tube, Hitachi CD-71
Logic Technology: Small and Medium Scale Integration NEC-made MOS ICs
Four Plug-In Circuit Boards, Phenolic
60 Integrated Circuit devices
Digits of Capacity: 12, No Lead Zero Suppression
Decimal Modes: Fixed or Floating (see exhibit text)
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Multiplication and Division only
Memories: 1 Accumulator-Style
Other Features: Fixed Decimal Round-Off Mode
Unique Fixed or Floating Decimal Mode
Notes: Gives incorrect answers with divisors >11 digits
Commodore-badged version of Casio 121
Other Models: Commodore 1161 (16-Digit Capacity)

Previous Machine: Brother Calther 412
Next Machine: Singer/Friden 1162

Related Machines: Commodore AL-1000
Casio 121-A
Casio AL-2000

Wanted: Commodore 1161
Casio 161

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