Specifications for Friden 1118

Manufacturer: The Singer Company, Friden Division
Model Number: 1118
Serial Number: Two Units in Museum
Date of Manufacture: Mid 1971
Manufactured In: Japan by Hitachi
Original Price: $595
Weight: 7.7 Pounds
Size: 10 1/2" Wide, 12" Deep, 4" High
Power Requirement: 13 Watts, 117 VAC, 50/60Hz
Display Technology: Nixie Tubes, Hitachi CD-90
Logic Technology: Hitachi Large Scale MOS IC Chipset
11 Chips: HD3201, HD3202, HN3202, HD3203, HD3205, 3-HD3206, HD3207, HD3208, HD3209
Digits of Capacity: 14
Decimal Modes: Fixed at 0..9 Digits Behind Decimal
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Switch Selectable, Multiply & Divide Only
Memories: 2, with selectable accumulation modes
Notes: Chipset Capable of Square Root, but not utilized on this machine
Very similar to Hitachi KK461

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