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Specifications for Rockwell 960

Manufacturer: Rockwell International, Microelectronic Product Division
Model Number: 960-3
Introduced: Mid to Late 1975 (Estimated)
Serial Number: 2094-0677
Date of Manufacture: Late 1976
Manufactured In: USA, Anaheim, California
Original Price: Estimated ~$2,400
Weight: 19 Pounds
Size: 12" Wide, 17" Deep, 6 1/4" High
Power Requirement: 115V AC, 50/60 Hz, 115 Watts
Display Technology: Burroughs Panaplex II Planar Gas Discharge Display
16 Digit Positions w/Right Decimal and comma indication in left-most 13 positions
Shinshu Seiki (Epson) Model 320 Impact Printer, 22 columns, 3 Lines/Second
Logic Technology: First-Generation Rockwell PPS-4 Microprocessor Family
Digits of Capacity: 12
Exponential Notation, 10 digits + 2 digit exponent (-99 to +99)
Decimal Modes: Fixed(0 to 9 behind decimal) & Floating (up to 11 behind decimal)
Arithmetic Logic: Full Algebraic with mathematical precedence rules
Parentheses with three levels of nesting
Math Functions: Four Function, Square Root, Xy
Trig and Inverse Trig, Hyperbolic Trig
Common and Natural Logarithm, 10x, ex
Factorial, Pi;
English <-> Metric Conversions
Summation, Standard Deviation, Mean
Degrees/Minutes/Seconds <-> Decimal Degrees Conversion
Reciprocal, Polar<->Rectangular Conversion
Constant: Automatic on all four functions
Memories: 10 Scratchpad Memory Registers
80 Main Memory Registers [Model 960-3]
Memory Register Math Operations: +,-,X,÷Xy
Programmable: 1000 Program Step Memory [Model 960-3]
Conditional Branching (Zero, +, -, Flag Set, No Keyboard Input)
Subroutine Capability, 5 Level Nesting
Labeled and Direct Address Branching
Direct and Indirect Memory Register Addressing
Program List, Edit and Trace Functionality

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Reading: Rockwell 960 Operator Manual

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Sincere thanks to Ms. Judith McMahon for making her father's Rockwell 960 calculator, manual, and dust cover available to the Old Calculator Museum

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