Specifications for Smith-Corona Marchant (SCM) Marchant I

Manufacturer: Smith-Corona Marchant (SCM), Inc.
Model Number: Marchant I
Serial Number: 717-01188
Date of Introduction: Fall, 1970
Date of Manufacture: Early 1971
Manufactured In: USA, Oakland, California
Original Price: $495 at Introduction
Weight: 2.4 Pounds
Size: 4 3/4" Wide, 10 1/4" Deep, 2" High
Power Requirement: 3 Watts, 9V DC External Power Supply
6 Volt Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack, 5xAA-Cell Batteries (1.2V each)
Display Technology: Eight Multiplexed Burroughs B5750 Nixie Tubes
Two Neon Lamps for Sign and Error Indication
Logic Technology: Two Different Implementations:
Two Chip LSI Chipset Made by American Microsystems, Inc (AMI):
479A, 480B
Three Chip LSI Chipset Made by Texas Instruments (TI):
TMC 1771, TMC 1772, TMC 1773
Digits of Capacity: 8
Decimal Modes: Automatic Floating Decimal Point
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic Add/Subtract, Algebraic Multiply/Divide
Math Functions: Four Function
Constant: Automatic in all four functions
Memories: None
Performance: Addition/Subtraction: <10mS
(Manufacturer Specs) Multiplication: 40-300mS
Division: 70-333mS

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