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Specifications for Victor MEC/223 & MEC/225

Manufacturer: Victor Comptometer Corp., Business Products Group
Model Number: MEC/223(Green) and MEC/225(Orange)
Serial Number: MEC/223: 5150-105
MEC/225: 4812-712
Date of Manufacture: MEC/223: Early 1975
MEC/225: Early 1974
Manufactured In: USA, Chicago, IL
Original Price: Unknown
Weight: 2 Pounds
Size: 3 3/4" Wide, 8" Deep, 2" High
Power Requirement: 117V AC Power Adapter, Internal 7.25V Nickel Cadmium Battery Pack
Display Technology: Burroughs Panaplex II, 12 digit w/comma indicators in all but right-most three digits
Logic Technology: Single-Chip Rockwell-made LSI Chip - 15500
Digits of Capacity: 12
Decimal Modes: Full floating
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function and Percent
Constant: Automatic for multiply & divide
Memories: One, w/add & subtract, and add result keys
Notes: Unusual [∩ SET] key to set roundoff digit position

Sincere thanks to Mr. Greg Tayman for donation of the Victor MEC/223 Calculator

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