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Specifications for Victor 4900

Manufacturer: Victor Comptometer Corp., Business Machines Group
Model Number: 4900
Introduced: January, 1976
Serial Number: Two Units in Museum
#1: 6025-944 [Exhibited Machine]
#2: 5322-494
Date of Manufacture: #1: Early 1980 [Exhibited Machine]
#2: 1978
Manufactured In: USA, Chicago, IL
Original Price: $2,195
Weight: 24 Pounds
Size: 12 3/8" Wide, 15 1/2" Deep, 6 5/8" High
Power Requirement: 115V AC, 50/60 Hz
Display Technology: Dot Matrix (5x7 font) 7-Pin Impact Printer, 120CPS
Logic Technology: First-Generation Rockwell PPS-4 Microprocessor Family
Digits of Capacity: 14
Decimal Modes: Fixed(0 to 9 behind decimal) & Floating (up to 13 behind decimal)
Arithmetic Logic: Arithmetic
Math Functions: Four Function, plus Percent & Square Root
Advanced Math Functions accessed by [PR/F] key
Trig and Inverse Trig
ex, Base 10 & e Logarithm
Reciprocal (1/x), π
Date Calculation
Other as-yet unidentified functions
Constant: Automatic on all four functions
Memories: Two basic memories, w/add & subtract function keys
[=+] and [=-] keys to add/subtract products/quotients to/from memory
Programmable: 1720 Program Step Memory
Conditional Branching (+,-,<,>,=)
Subroutine Capability
Tagged and Direct Address Branching
Direct and Indirect Memory Addressing
Program List and Trace Functionality
Notes: Unusual [∩] key for setting roundoff digit position

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Next Machine: Rockwell 960

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Reading: Victor 4900 Operator Manual
Victor 4900 Programmers Manual

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Sincere thanks to Mrs. Marilyn Nelson for the donation of her father's Victor 4900 calculators, magnetic cards, and dust cover
Grateful thanks to Baker & Fuller, PA, Certified Public Accountants, Orlando, FL, for donation of Victor 4900 Magnetic Cards and Sleeves formerly used in their practice

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