Specifications for Wang 600

Manufacturer: Wang Laboratories
Model Number: 600-14TP
Serial Number: CC 5564
Date of Manufacture: March, 1974
Manufactured In: USA, Tewksbury, Massachusetts
Original Price: $4,400
Weight: 39 Pounds
Size: 20" Wide, 20 1/2" Deep, 9" High
Power Requirement: 105 Watts, 115VAC, 60Hz
Display Technology: Burroughs Panaplex Planar Gas-Discharge Display
9-Segment Rendition, 16 Display Positions
Logic Technology: TTL Small and Medium-Scale Integrated Circuits
16K-bits of RAM, using 16 Mostek MK-4008 DRAM IC's
Ferrite Transformer-Based Microcode ROM
Digits of Capacity: 10 significant digits plus sign
2 digits plus sign for exponent
Decimal Modes: Full floating or scientific notation
Arithmetic Logic: Unusual Arithmetic Architecture - See Exhibit
Math Functions: Four Function (Dual Accumulators)
Trig and Inverse Trig Functions (Sin, Cos, Tan)
Degree/Radian Conversion
Square Root, Square, Reciprocal,
ex, 10x, Base e and Base 10 Logarithms
Constant: Not Applicable
Memories: Base Memory 55 Registers (Option 2)
Expanded Memory 119 Registers (Option 6)
Maximum Memory 247 Registers (Option 14) [As Equipped]
Direct and Indirect Memory Access
Four function math availbale on all memory registers
Performance: From Prelimiary Specifications Published Aug. '73 by Wang Laboratories
Add/Subtract: 1.7ms
Multiply, x²: 12ms
Divide, 1/x: 17.6ms
Square Root: 99ms
10x: 44.4ms
Base 10 Logarithm: 35.3ms
ex: 61.8ms
Base e Logarithm: 47.2ms
Trigonometric Functions: 82-255ms
Programmable: Yes, Learn Mode w/conditionals, labeled branches, subroutines
312 Steps of Program Storage (Option 2)
824 Steps of Program Storage (Option 6)
Maximum of 1848 Steps of Program Storage (Option 14) [As Equipped]
Peripherals: Optional Built-in Cassette Tape Drive for Program/Data Storage (Option T)
Optional Built-in 21-Column, 120LPM Drum Printer (Option P)
Numerous Add-On Peripheral Options: (Prices from May, '73 Price List)
- Model 601 Output Writer (Modified IBM Selectric) [$3,500]
- Model 602 Plotting Output Writer [$3,500]
- Model 602P Portable Plotting Output Writer [$3,500]
- Model 604 Punched Card Reader
- Model 605-1A Micro Interface [$300]
- Model 606 Teletype ASR-33 Terminal (Requires Model 607 Interface) [$1,400]
- Model 607 Teletype Terminal Interface [$1,400]
- Model 609 Dual Cassette Tape Drive [$2,500]
- Model 611 I/O Typewriter (Modified IBM Selectric) [$2,800]
- Model 612 Analog Flat-Bed Plotter Introduction Article
- Model 612 Analog Flat-Bed Plotter [PDF] [$2,500]
- Model 614 Mark Sense Card Reader [$450]
- Model 618 Extended Program Memory (1, 2, 3, or 4K-bit capacity)
- Model 621 High Speed Line Printer [$5,000]
- Model 622 Alphanumeric Keyboard [$600]
- Model 623-3 I/O Expander - 3 Peripherals [$400]
- Model 623-6 I/O Expander - 6 Peripherals [$600]
- Model 624 CPU Multiplexer [$500]
- Model 627 Special Communications Interface [$1,200]
- Model 629 Dual Cassette Drive w/Edit Capability [$2,800]
- Model 630 Fixed/Removable Disk Drive
- Model 632A Digital Flat Bed Plotter
- Model 633 Paper Tape Editor
- Model 640 Dual Flexible Disc Drive
- Model 641 Thermal Printer

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Reading: "Lessons, an Autobiography"
Author: Dr. an Wang with Eugene Linden
Publisher: Addison-Wesley
First Printing: August, 1986
ISBN: 0-201-09400-2

"Riding the Runaway Horse: The Rise and Decline of Wang Laboratories"
Author: Charles C. Kenney
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
First Printing: 1992
ISBN: 0-316-48919-0

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