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Hitachi HD3100 PMOS Calculator IC Datasheets

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These are early datasheets for the Hitachi's 2nd-Generation HD3100-series of PMOS Small and Medium-Scale ICs developed specifically for use in electronic calculating machines. The HD3100-series was the follow-on to Hitachi's first-generation HD7xx-series of small and medium-scale PMOS integrated circuits, which were packeged in TO-100(10-pin) or TO-101(12-pin) style can-type pacakages. he HD3100-series chips were packaged in ceramic dual-inline packages(DIP), ranging from 14 to 24 pins.

This document outlines the initial chips in the series, other chips in the series were put into production after the release of this particular document.

Other known devices in the HD3100 series not included in this datasheet are:

HD3102 - Unknown
HD3113 - 6 MOS FET Transistors
HD3114 - AND/OR Gates
HD3116 - Dual 16-Bit Quasi-Static Shift Registers
HD3117 - 44 Bit plus 4 Bit Dynamic Shift Registers
HD3118 - Dual 12-Bit Quasi-Static Shift Registers
HD3119 - 60 Bit plus 4 Bit Plus 4 Bit Dynamic Shift Registers
HD3120 - Digitron Tube Display Driver
HD3121 - Digitron Tube Display Driver
HD3122 - Quadruple Quasi-Static Flip Flops and Single Inverter

These devices were used in Hitachi's own series of ELCA (ELCA-24, ELCA-32, ELCA-26) electronic calculators marketed in Asia in the latter part of the 1960's and early 1970's, as well as many Friden calculators that were designed and manufactured by Hitachi for Singer/Friden including the EC-1114, EC-1115, and EC-1116). Chips from this series were also used in a number of Casio calculators from the era including the AL-2000, 121-A/AS-A, 121-B/AS-B) as well as calculators sold under the Remington brand name that were built by Casio and sold under the Remington brand, an example being the Remington EDC-1201GT, the Remington-badged version of the Casio 121-B/AS-B).

The scans are from very old photocopies of what appear to be original pages from an early component databook, likely translated from Japanese. The copy quality ranges from fair to mildly poor, but most all of the documentation is readable despite the varying quality. The document was scanned at higher than usual resolution to allow zooming in on areas that might be a bit tough to read due to some areas of the copies that weren't particularly clear. Note that there are a few pages which appear to be out of order with regard to page numbering. The original document had a page that was misplaced, providing test parameters for the HD3112 chip in the section on the HD3107. I noted this, and put the page in its proper place in the HD3112 data, resulting in page numbers that are not sequential in two places within the document.

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