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Sharp Compet 50 (CS-50A) Printing Desktop Calculator

The Sharp Compet 50, Model CS-50A

The Sharp Compet 50 Model CS-50A was Hayakawa Electric's first printing electronic calculator, utilizing a Shinshu Seiki (later known as EPSON)-produced drum and hammer impact printer. The Compet 50 utilized similar electronics to the Sharp Compet 32 Nixie Tube display calculator, but replaced the Nixie Tube Display and decoder/driver circuitry with electronics to drive the printer. A two-digit Nixie tube display on the front panel of the calculator kept track of how many digits had been entered thus far. The calculator has a capacity of sixteen digits, and operates with a switch- selectable fixed decimal point location. Two full-capacity accumulator-style memory registers were provided, with indicators on the front panel that lit to show when a register contained a non-zero content. Magnetic core memory was used for storing the working registers of the calculator.

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