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Monroe/Litton EPIC 2000 Electronic Calculator

Monroe EPIC 2000 Advertisement showing Keyboard/Printer Unit, Circa 1967

EPIC 2000 Electronics Package
Images Courtesy Donald Dupre

EPIC 2000 Keyboard/Printer Unit
Image Courtesy Randy Liebermann

Printing, Transistorized five function electronic calculator, with learn mode programming capability. Four-register pushdown stack architecture. Learn-mode programmable up to 14 steps. Two magnetostrictive delay lines, one for working register and the other for program step storage. Introduced on December 1, 1964, with first deliveries in late Spring of 1965. Two part construction; tabletop printer/keyboard unit connects to suitcase-sized electronics package via thick cable. Any and all parts for the EPIC 2000 are wanted. Also looking for service manual for EPIC 2000/EPIC 3000 calculators.