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Friden 5005 Computyper

The Friden 5005 Computyper

Photo of Friden 5005 Service Engineer Training Class, 1968
Note electronics package at left, with one circuit board on an extender.
Instructor at right holds a diagnostics box that could display logic states of various parts of the machine, and control its operation at a fine level.
Image and information courtesy of Knud B. Pederson, Product Specialist for the Friden 5005 from 1968 through 1973.

The Friden 5005 Computyper was a marriage of a second-generation Friden Flexowriter with an electronic decimal-based math-processing unit programmed by punched tape. Suitable for billing, accounting, and various small to medium-scale business operations. Small-scale integrated circuit logic used in math processor, magnetostrictive delay line for memory. Small amount of memory register storage, as well as program storage memory. Since program and memory registers were volatile (meaning they were lost if the machine lost power), the machine had a "standby" power mode in which the delay line kept circulating, but the rest of the machine was shut down. Programs read in via paper-tape reader (8-level tape). Electro-mechanically actuated electric typewriter for printing results, and typewriter keyboard for entering variables into the machine. External power supply unit. Introduced sometime in 1967-1968 timeframe. Any and all information on this machine (which was apparently made in Holland) is desired. If you have one, or information about the machine (manuals, marketing materials, service information, personal experience, etc.), please contact the museum curator by clicking the "EMail" button above.