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NCR 18-16 Desktop Calculator

Photograph Courtesy John Kennedy

NCR-marketed version of Nippon Calculating Machine Co. (NCM)/Busicom 120DM "Junior". NCR was an OEM customer of NCM/Busicom, and marketed a number of Busicom-designed calculators in the USA which were manufactured by Busicom, The calculator utilizes the first single-chip MOS/LSI (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor/Large Scale Integration), the Mostek MK6010. Hybrid circuit display modules provide simplified display drive circuitry. 12-digit vacuum-fluorescent, with seven-segment display. Four function, with slide-switch selectable fixed decimal point position at 0, 2, 3, or 4 digits behind the decimal. This calculator is virtually identical other than being about 1/2-inch thinner than its predecessor, the NCR 18-15, which utilized MSI (Medium-Scale Integration) circuitry, the general architecture of which served as the design basis for the Mostek MK6010 calculator on a chip.