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Ricoh Ricomac 2420 Desktop Calculator

Image Courtesy Takaharu Yoshida

The Ricoh Ricomac 2420 is an OEM version of the Matsushita "National" brand PANAC-12W electronic calculator. Ricoh did not design or manufacture their own electronic calculators, but instead relied on OEM relationships with existing calculator manufacturers to use market calculators (with styling and color scheme differences) under the Ricoh brand name.

Olympia Werke AG (West Germany) was also an OEM customer of Matsushita, marketing the same machine in a much more boxy cabinet with different keyboard nomenclature as the Olympia ICR-412.

The Ricomac 2420 is a basic four function electronic calculator, with 24-digit capacity (with a keyboard key to alternate between the upper and lower twelve digits of an answer), a single store/recall memory register, and a summation mode utilizing a separate register for accumulating summations. The machine utilizes small scale DTL integrated circuit technology, magnetostrictive delay line for working register storage, and Nixie tube display technology. It was introduced in early 1970.
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